Debtor System in the Cloud

The concept behind Biz Stream is simple - enable clients to send and process documents (quotes, sales orders, invoices, credit notes etc.) easily, swiftly, and efficiently.
You might have accounts or sales personnel situated across South Africa, or even the globe. Storing and consolidating accounts documentation can therefore be a tedious and time-consuming task.

Biz Stream not only brings this information together but it also stores it securely, making it accessible anywhere, anytime, with any web enabled device.

It is suitable for ALL MACHINE types, requires NO INSTALLATION & NO ANNUAL updates.

How it Works

Your sales personnel can complete sales order/s online, while with client. Instantly your accounts department is notified of the sales order; with the click of a button the sales order is converted into an invoice and automatically emailed through to the client, reducing potential delays.

Billing & Statement Run Automation

Having to create numerous invoices - recurring or otherwise - and sending out monthly statements can be a trying and tedious process. Biz Stream eliminates the end-of-month billing and statement run madness by automating the entire process, thereby improving efficiency, and preserving the sanity of your accounts personnel!

Real Time Reporting

Real time data equates to real time knowledge; accessing real time data regarding the "financial" health of you business is therefore imperative! You can access Sales Reports, Age Analyses, Customer Statements, & Detailed Ledgers on demand.

Get real time insights concerning the performance of your sales personnel on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Biz Stream supplies all the information you require, accessible as and when you need it.

Multi Platform

If you are anything like us, you like to have the necessary information at your fingertips. Some things simply cannot wait until you get back to the office, which is why the full Biz Stream suit is accessible via any web enabled device.

Allocate Payments

Linking client payments to invoices has never been simpler. Quickly find payments and instantly see what invoices are still outstanding. Biz Stream enables you to link full or partial payments to outstanding invoices. It also offers the added feature of activity logs - any action performed against a payment is tracked, enhancing security and personnel accountability.

Daily Sales Summary

Keeping track of daily sales can be effortless! At the end of each day Biz Stream will compile and email a summarised report of daily Sales, Credit Notes, Payment & VAT totals straight to your inbox.

Inventory Management

Whether you have a few inventory items, or hundreds of inventory items, Biz Stream can streamline the management process for you. Easily setup new inventory items - including codes, descriptions, item pricing - and manage existing ones. You can also setup unique customer pricing per inventory item.

Customer Management

Keep track of your customers' details, contact persons, purchases, payments, and accounts documents, conveniently stored in one place and easily accessible. With Biz Stream you can quickly add new customers, setup payment terms, discounts, tax types, and so much more. Securely store you entire customer database and access it from anywhere.

Manage Users

We all know that some information needs to be kept under wraps. Biz Stream ensures that individual users only access what is necessary and nothing more. Best of all, the integrated permissions tool allows you to mange what they access, and alter this as the need arises.

Why Only Debtors?

We considered the core administrative tasks that occur in most businesses on a daily basis, and realised that a communication and processing gap still exists when it comes to Sales and Accounts departments. So we thought "Why not offer a product that will simplify the administrative processes, create synergy between sales and accounts teams, and increase profitability!"



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