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Monitoring, Tracking & Reporting

You may already be Monitoring, Tracking & Reporting on a number of key business processes. The existing methods utilised however, may be fragmented, time consuming, labour intensive and out of date.

What if you could consolidate all your monitoring, tracking and reporting into a single portal, reduce the time needed to collect the data, and have the information delivered to you in real time - anywhere, anytime.

How does Biz View work?

Through the combination of software & hardware, Biz View is able to securely send & store "field" data in the cloud.

Biz View collates & displays the data in a simple & easy to use interface, accessible 24/7 on any web enabled device. On cue Biz View will automatically generate monthly, weekly and daily reports that are emailed to you (the client), and archived on the Biz View system.

Real Time Data = Real Time Knowledge

What Can Biz View Monitor?

Since 2006 we have managed a number of varying business processes. Some of the typical business processes that Biz View is able to track include: Tank Levels, Consumption, Instantaneous Flow, Pressure, Purity, Pass / Fail, Stop / Go, Weight, Location, as well as a host of other processes.

Biz View can also be customised, ensuring that your unique set of Monitoring, Tracking & Reporting needs are met.


Biz View not only gives you access to real time data but it also displays the data in a user-friendly interface, enabling you to quickly and easily evaluate the current status of your business.


Pinpoint company trends or anomalies at the click of a button, by tracking and analysing historical data of your key business processes.

Biz View also has the added advantage of securely storing this data off site; providing you with a backup should you ever need it.


Be it daily, weekly or monthly get timeous reports & notifications from Biz View.

Biz View's automated reporting functionality eliminates the risk of potential delays often resulting from limited inter-departmental communication, ensuring that your reporting deadlines are met.

* Receive alerts & notifications via SMS

Remote Field Data Collection

By integrating Biz View hardware with existing hardware currently capturing data from your various business processes, we are able to remotely send field data to the Biz View cloud servers. All information is securely stored and is only accessible by you, via the Biz View interface.

Why Biz View?

Whether you are monitoring 20 or 200+ business processes, Biz View is able to offer a competitively priced and fully customisable monitoring, tracking & reporting solution, backed by more than 8 years of technical experience.

Multi Platform

If you are anything like us, you like to have the necessary information at your fingertips. Some things simply cannot wait until you get back to the office, which is why Biz View is accessible via any web enabled device.



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